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Statements to Evernote

This app [workflow]( is pretty amazing. It allows you to create some workflows  to get things done automatically on your phone or iPad. 

So, here is one that I am using. We save our witness statements to Evernote when there is an incident with a student. This workflow allows me to take complete that workflow with fewer taps. I saved this workflow to my home screen and so I tap once to launch it. When it is launched, it brings up my xamera, so I can take a picture, then it saves that picture as a PDF to the Evernote folder specified.  

 ##Possible Enhancements

1. I could take multiple photos to group incidents together.  

2. I could add tags to it. Right now, we aren't using tags with these issues, but we could if we wanted.  

3. I could NOT make a PDF. I like having them as PDFs better than JPGs, but that is just me. It would go a little faster if it weren't making a PDF.  

Download it [here](