Stop by room i210 at 11:30 am on Saturday and receive a live introduction on how to become a paperless principal.

Buy Paperless Principal on iBookstore.

Hazel: Automate file manipulation so you never have worry about it.

Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner iX500 The top of the line scanner for what you will probably need in a school.

TextExpander: Best time saver you can get. Over 11 hours saved in just a few months of use. Time saved in a few months

JotNot Scanner Pro: My personal favorite iOS Scanner app.

Prizmo: This app has been out for a while, and allegedly does OCR on the phone itself. I just learned about it this week, and I haven't had a chance to play with it, yet.

Slide Deck from Presentation: I'll update this up until I am finished with the presentation, I am sure. ;)

Hazel Rules to Download:

These are some of my rules that you can download for yourself. I am not sure how well they will download for you, as the movement of files is particular to your computer. I'll change their color where I would move them, and you can change that to work for you. If you have problems, shoot me an email.

Sort into Subfolders: This is the best rule that I currently use. It is based on filenames, and adapted from a web site that is no longer with us.