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Press Release: Transformative Leadership Summit to Offer College Credit to Summit Attendees

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Jethro Jones
Transformative Leadership Summit
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Transformative Leadership Summit Announces College Credit Option


Kodiak, Alaska – August 6, 2016 – The Transformative Leadership Summit today announced it has teamed up with University of Alaska, Anchorage to offer College Credit, for attendees of the Summit. It will be available for registration on August 6, 2016. The course is EDL 591: Transformative Leadership for Educators.

College credit gives participants credit for attending the Summit and learning from over 40 experts in education.

By obtaining college credit, educators can receive hours to move forward in their pay, earn credits towards a Master’s degree, and get credit for relicensure.

“It was a team effort and we are excited to partner with the Transformative Leadership Summit to bring credit opportunities to educators who are attending the Summit from anywhere,” said Jennifer Harty, Coordinator of Professional Programs at the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

Jethro Jones, founder of the Transformative Leadership Summit is excited for what this means for the future of online professional development. He said, “Offering credit recognizes the valuable way this Summit is being offered. We’ve had online classes for a while, and this gives credibility to the idea of an online conference. I’m honored that the University of Alaska, Anchorage is on the cutting edge of this opportunity to give college credit to educators in a way that works for them.”

The Transformative Leadership Summit is the #1 online educational leadership conference focused on helping school leaders from across the globe improve their schools. Bringing together over 40 experts makes this unique conference the only venue for the inspiring speakers. Learn more at

The speakers for the Summit include the following: Will Parker, Brad Gustafson,
Kimberly Miles, Jeff Zoul, Daniel Bauer, Kendra Washington-Bass, Kyle Palmer, Robert Dillon, Jennifer Abrams, Jonathon Wennstrom, Amy Fast, Jethro Jones, Glenn Robbins, Geri Parscale, Anne Beninghof, Mike Kelly, Bill Ziegler, Clayton Reedie, Vicki Davis, Mary McMahon, Doug Timm, Mark Modesti, Justin Baeder, Neil Gupta, Mike Anderson, Don Wettrick, Emily Drake, Damon Hargraves, Jennifer Gonzalez, Eric Connor, Paul Erickson, Rob Carroll, Stacey Keown, Erika Mortensen, Christina Lufrano, LaVonna Roth, Marlena Gross-Taylor, John Linney

#aste2016 Podcasts for the Trip Home

I had a great time this week at ASTE. I learned a lot and met some great people. I got lucky and was able to interview three of the four major presenters! You can subscribe to my podcast here:

The first interview was with Carl Hooker. He gave a leadership session on Saturday that was all day long.

The second was with the great Cory Doctorow. He gave a keynote about the challenges we face in this digital age.

The third I actually interviewed before he came to ASTE, and that was with Frederick Lane Episode 110 and Episode 111. He talks about Cybertraps for Educators and how to build health relationships.

Finally, Damon Hargraves and I presented on our schedule and app we created at the middle school. Here is the interview on my podcast and on Damon's

I hope as you travel home from ASTE, you can find some good information to deepen your learning from ASTE.

#AKPrincipals Presentation on SLOs

I really love presenting to groups. It is very fun for me. I know it makes some people nervous, but it is just awesome for me. It fires me up and gets me excited.

I just finished a presentation to principals at Alaska Principal's conference in Anchorage, AK. Here are the downloads. Student Learning Objectives are a part of our Evaluations, and they have caused a significant amount of stress for some people. This presentation was all about sharing what we are doing at Kodiak Middle School to reduce the stress level.

In short, we are taking the team approach to the SLO and working together on it, so we are not left alone and aimless. It is pretty awesome.

Two things I should have done that I forgot to do:

  1. Ask for feedback from the participants (using a form).
  2. Record myself so I could use it as part of the podcast. (duh!)

Oh, well, two more presenations tomorrow!

Change the Way You Communicate!

A couple years ago I wrote a book called Paperless Principal. A year ago, I wrote about a strategy I learned that completely changed how I communicate. Over the last year, I have been creating a simple process to make my communication better. Last week, I released a new product that will help you change how you communicate for the better.

These communication cards will change the way you interact with people. They are amazing! What they allow is open communication where people are used to making assumptions and not telling the whole story. They've helped me a ton, and I am sure they will help you as well. All you do is print them out, hang them where people can see them, and voila! Instant communication! It takes a little more work than that, but it sure helps a lot.

CUES 2014 Principal Training

I'm going to present at the CUES Summer 2014 Principal Training this week. Should be a lot of fun. I'm tying it in with a family camping trip to Zion National Park. Here is the outline of my presentation. I'm going to focus on three stories that were impactful for our school to emphasize that the reason I do all this is to have better relationships with people. If technology gets in the way of that, or doesn't help facilitate that, it probably isn't worth it.

These stories are impactful in that they helped a specific person be a better leader, student, and father.

It's about relationships

Why don't you do what I asked?


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