This interview is with Mike St. Pierre twitter, President of Morris Catholic High School in Denville New Jersey.

Part 1

Part 2

  • President and principal model allows principal to focus on the principal duties (communicating with parents, instruction, etc.).
  • Recruits talent, feedback on how school can do better.
  • Strategic and long range planning for the school.
  • What makes us unique? Meeting with parents, students, other stakeholders to identify how we can stand out.
  • How to conduct strategic planning sessions. Involved a lot of people in a very organized manner. SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis, outside facilitator, student, stakeholder, and teacher feedback sessions, board of trustees and bishop approval.
  • Slow produces a better product
  • I don't know of a lot of schools that really involve students in high-level meetings
  • How to whittle down from a large group of people down to a select few.
  • What personal invitations to stakeholders looked like.
  • How he determined who he wanted there at the stakeholder meetings.
  • Getting adult involvement representative of student demographics.
  • A committee is a really great way to test somebody out for a role you want them to have a few months down the road.
  • Faith formation of his students.
  • They want a community around those kids that helps them be the best version of themselves.

Part 2

  • What Mike is not excited about in technology in education - experimenting on kids.
  • What Mike likes: schools that change how kids learn and how teachers teach.
  • Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, for example.
  • Give kids technology and freedom to try things and then get out of the way.
  • Competition to redesign a space.
  • Chief Strategy Officer served as coach and mentor for Design Challenge.
  • Sometimes out-of-school-day activities can be more meaningful and beneficial than in-class activities.
  • Spontaneity is important to have for education.
  • Reconciling experimentation vs. failing forward.
  • risks that leaders can take vs. What risks teachers can take.
  • Techspiration podcast
  • How Mike keeps track of everything he learns - on his blog
  • DayOne journaling app.
  • The voices Mike trusts
  • Brad Lominic - director of Catalyst
  • Craig Jarrow Time Management Ninja
  • Michael Hyatt - Leadership Guru
  • Becoming minimalist by Josh Becker
  • Ron Edmonson - Pastor
  • Tony Schwartz - consultant on energy management
  • Michael Sliwinski - Productivity Expert
  • Will Richardson - Educator
  • I have to write in two languages, the language of education and the language of mission.
  • The importance of seeing both sides of a story.
  • What Mike suggests to be a transformative principal: Start your day thoughtfully.
  • What keeps Mike motivated: His kids.


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