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Why I am blogging every single day

About five years ago, I started Transformative Principal. Before that, I blogged regularly at my other blog. My podcast goes there automatically, and that is all well and good, and the posts there have been consistent with the podcast.

When I started the podcast, I said to myself, "This podcast is putting something out there, so that is good enough."

Eventually, I started writing a book, and while Seth Godin has been telling me for years to write daily, I haven't done it, until I started writing the book. Once I did that, I was writing 1000 words per day, sometimes much more.

I had been making excuses about not writing.

On November 1st, I just decided to stop that line of thinking. It had nothing to do with it being the first of the month.

I was ready to start my final 66 day challenge for 2018, and decided I would blog every day. Right now, I am 41 days into my 66 days, and I'm going to continue after the 66 days are over.

Here's three things I get from blogging daily:

  1. An outlet. Sometimes, we are so caught up in our own mind games, we just can't handle it. Blogging daily helps me get that out.
  2. Clarification. There is a lot that goes into writing, and it's not just about the writing. Writing helps me clarify some of my own thoughts.
  3. Reflection. While clarifying my own thoughts, I have also been able to reflect on lessons learned.

It's good. I have missed blogging daily, but glad to be back at it.