Guiding Teachers through the SLO Process as a Collaborative Effort

Passionate principals help guide teachers through regulations and shield them from distractions in their work of impacting students’ lives. This session helps principals find ways to walk their teachers through the SLO process, while making it meaningful and not just a hoop to jump through. Principals will learn how to create a strategy for using literacy across the curriculum as the initial SLO to implement that allows teachers to work on the same thing together, while still allowing for individual teachers to excel in their own right.

Implementing an RtI Schedule at the Middle School Level Using Social Media, Board Presentations, Apps, and More!

Passionate principals work hard to change the status quo in our schools. Our presentation will help principals see how to make change in a difficult environment with many obstacles present. Principals will learn strategies for preparing the school community for change in a positive way so that when the change comes, they will be ready to get on board. Principals will also learn about the Pickr app, which allows students to pick their own tutorials and make ad-hoc groups in a quick and efficient manner.

Using Marzano's iObservation to Improve Instruction

Passionate principals care deeply about the success of their teachers and students. This presentation will focus on using Marzano’s iObservation system to help teachers improve. Principals will learn how to use the system in a more efficient manner with tips and tricks. Principals will also learn how to engage teachers in the conversation and help them see this evaluation tool as a way to improve, not as a “gotcha.”

Trauma Informed Practices for Schools

In the past couple years in Alaska, our school has conducted training on being trauma-informed. This presentation was more discussion than lecture, so there isn't much to share here on the web, but feel free to contact me and we can chat about it more.