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Part 2

This is my second interview with Will Parker. Will wrote a book called Principal Matters: the motivation, courage, action, and teamwork needed for school leadership, and so we talk about his wisdom that is contained therein. Go ahead and buy it.

I interviewed Will in Episode 24 of Transformative Principal.

  • A little discussion about technology.
  • Some information on his book.
  • How to make decisions.
  • Write things down when they are still fresh so you know how to do it next time.
  • Write processes down now so that you have them next time.
  • Make a list and prioritize.
  • How to delegate effectively.
  • Importance of taking time off to recharge.
  • The power of good mentors.
  • Writing a letter of resignation.
  • How to live without putting out fires all the time!
  • Give instruction on the front end to make expectations more effective.
  • Great teachers teach with both sides of their brains at once.
  • More about KRAs (which we spoke about in Episode 24).

Part 2

  • Dealing with difficult people.
    • Make sure you are not the difficult person.
    • Seek to understand before being understood.
    • Be firm but friendly.
    • Change your posture or use humor when appropriate.
    • Agree to disagree.
    • Consider bringing all parties to the table.
    • What can I do to help you?
    • Sometimes it is inevitable to have difficult conversations.
  • Communicate privately with staff members when there is a difficulty.
  • Big fan of just being honest.
  • Talk straight with each other.
  • Relationships are so important for every teacher and staff member.
  • "It's not an issue of me and you, it's an issue of you and you."
  • Buy his book!

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