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Theresa Stager is the principal of Pre-K-8th Catholic School in Michigan. There are only 135 students at her school, which is the perfect number to do what they want.

  • Parochial Schools and how they work financially.
  • Because we can't pay teachers as much as a traditional public school, we try to make it a really great place to work.
  • What Theresa thinks is the best thing she has done during her first year - ensured stability.
  • Let everybody know things are going to get better.
  • Theresa let her stakeholders know she wasn't going anywhere. Increased enrollment by 12%.
  • The pencil lead story.
  • These are our kids, too.
  • If you're in tune with your kids, things will go right.
  • Parents trust us with their kids, we can trust them with our cell phone numbers.
  • Has not had anyone abuse the cell phone number access.