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Part 2

Spike Cook, Author of Connected Leadership: It's Just a Click Away! and all around swell guy.

  • Social Media Sensei turned Spike onto twitter.
  • How to seek out interaction and contributing instead of always lurking and learning.
  • Find ways to share what you have learned, and recognize others who have helped you.
  • When you find something good, put it out there and share it.
  • Sharing blog posts and mentioning people who have inspired it or mentioning people who you want to read it.
  • Start small, spend 10-15 minutes per day and just catch the stream.
  • It doesn't seem like work. (My blog on moving to Alaska)
  • It is OK to lurk and learn.
  • Our PLNs look through our weaknesses and missteps to get at the real point of our posts.
  • How to deal with the deluge of information.
  • Important to retweet blog posts that you have read - and make sure you read them before posting.
  • Learning and reading from people that aren't actually in education.
  • Really exciting to listen to people who are sharing their learning.
  • Kelly Tenkely - inspired him to blog every day.
  • Walking out the door inspires daily blogging for Dr. Cook.
  • To get good at things you need to work on them daily.
  • He models writing and podcasting, the things he is passionate about.
  • On blogging about those things that people don't talk about.
  • On blogging about branding our schools as a way to focus on more than just test scores.
  • Telling your story is about emphasizing things can't be on a state assessment.
  • Speaking positively about what is going on.
  • They're still kids!
  • Change does take time.
  • Not everyone has to be connected.
  • How to be a transformative principal: Take the first step and connect with others. Use Twitter.