Part 1

Part 2

In these episodes we talk about

  • Collectiveness and your role as a principal.
  • Being cheesy
  • How to listen
  • Setting aside time
  • Revisiting Conversations
  • How to inspire people to do their best work
  • Some twitter shoutouts!
  • Deciding who you are and going with it.
  • Genius hour, 20% time.

  • Why she is the principal in heels.

  • What sets Sammie apart.
  • Fun ways to keep staff motivated.
  • How to have an effective leadership team.
  • There is more power when we are all working on the same goals.
  • If it is more authentic for them, there is more buy-in.
  • I believe that if I do right by my teachers, they'll be more empowered to do right by the students.
  • Genius hour and FedEx time

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