Marzano Observation Framework

Over the last couple months, Jethro and his assistant principal have conducted over 300 observations (ranging from 3 minutes to 45 minutes).

  • Going from 60 indicators to however many we need.
  • Being able to not feel stressed about looking for every single thing.
  • Being able to start where I am and dropping into the framework.
  • Marzano Framework provides for discussing good teaching with teachers first and foremost.
  • Looking at domains 2, 3, and 4 balances out teacher observations.
  • Allowing teachers to evaluate themselves and reflect themselves.
  • Finding areas where teachers are being effective in areas of professionalism.
  • Allow teachers to show their own evidence.
  • How to creatively deal with lesson plans and tie them to teachers' observations.
  • How to "give teachers credit" for the things that won't be on their observation.
  • It is our responsibility as principals to find the things that teachers are doing right.
  • Teachers can and should submit their information for their evaluation.
  • Desired Effect: What is it we want as a result of using a particular strategy.
  • Really neat story about teachers evaluating their principal.
  • Using the Scale: 1 - beginning, 2 - developing, 3 - applying, 4 - innovating. 3 is proficient and where teachers should be.


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