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Part 2

Jethro is joined by Jeff Paul (@okprincipal), principal of Smith Elementary, where he had the unique opportunity to take over for a principal who had been there for the previous 25 years!

In this part of the two-part interview, Jeff talks about the challenges and positives associated with his unique situation. He also talks about the evaluation system his district recently started.

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  • How he handles the stress of being a principal
  • How you can be a transformative principal
  • Why you should follow the people below on Twitter
  • The special thing in his office Jeff says these are the twitter accounts to follow:

@williamparker, @KleinErin, @principalspage (MichaelSmithSupt), @ToddWhitaker, @educationweek, @NMHS_Principal (Eric Sheninger), @drjolly (Darin Jolly), @principalJ, @andyrgreene.