Part 1

Part 2

In this second part of the interview, I am priveleged to talk with Doug Hallenbeck. Doug was recently named the Assistant Principal of the year from the Utah Association of Secondary School Principals. Doug has worked under four really great principals and he shares some great insight about how to be an amazing assistant principal.

I wanted to interview Doug because he has a great story. He is a thoughtful, caring, and transformative leader. He has been a guiding force in our district since its inception. We are very fortunate to work with him.

In this second part of the interview, Doug discusses:

  • How to attract and retain great talent.
  • A nice little side discussion about general trends in teaching hiring.
  • His advice for an assistant principal to be a transformative assistant principal like him.
  • What special thing he has in his office.
  • His experience discussing education with Chinese educational leaders.
  • How he makes parents feel good when their kids get in trouble.
  • What he suggests APs should do to be transformative Assistant Principals.
  • Here is more information about the Tier 2 retirement in Utah.

You'll really enjoy this interview with Doug. He is amazing.

Let's make sure to give him a few hundred more followers on Twitter. He is @Hallen100.