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Part 2

  • Charles Fox Twitter is a Special Education Lawyer by accident due to issues with his son. Things really took off after he started his Special Ed Law Blog.
  • When there is a lack of meaningful conversation, that is a fast track to due process.
  • Opinions need to be founded in more than just an opinion, there needs to be data to support a decision, rather than this is just what I want.
  • Intentional lack of willingness to cooperate on the part of the district.
  • The more the process is an opaque black box, the bigger my storyline is going to get.
  • How to deal with misunderstandings - Storylines!
  • What kind of data is acceptable on which to make educational decisions?
  • Frequency data for behaviors is probably what we already know. What is the antecedent? Give context to help parents know why something is happening so we can fix it.
  • With good minds around the table with context-based data, we can figure out what is happening.
  • How to make IEP Meetings great.