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Why Take Care of Yourself?

Don’t “take care of yourself so you can help others” Take care of yourself because you are a human being, and that is what responsible and capable human beings do!

I wrote this as I was planning my webinar on trauma-informed practices this morning.

All too often, in trainings and other places, we (educators) have heard that we need to take care of ourselves so we can take care of others. That's misguided. We need to take care of ourselves because we are human beings, and all humans deserve to be taken care of.

Roles in a Trauma-Informed School


It happens.

Our kids are more exposed to it now than ever before.

We can either run from it, or we can deal with it head on.

I've created a resource to help you with it.

What's your role in a trauma-informed school? Are you a teacher? A counselor? A secretary? A principal? All of these roles impact a student.

And honestly, it takes everyone.

Here's the jpg version, or enter your email below and I'll send you a PDF of it, which is better for printing!

Roles in Trauma Informed Schools black.jpg