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Personalized Learning Does Not Mean There are No Deadlines

Deadlines. We love them. We hate them. They are vital. This podcast (30:49) by Michael Hyatt describes how to deliver on a deadline, and how there is power in them.

One of the common misconceptions about personalized learning is that there are no deadlines. The truth is that deadlines are important, they help motivate us, and keep us engaged in a process.

In education, deadlines typically mean the opportunity for learning has past. That's the mindset we need to change. Opportunities for learning should never be over.

This is one of the things that competency-based education addresses. If kids move when they master, then deadlines become mileposts of achievement. Sometimes, you cruise at 65 mph. Other times, you need to slow down, and it takes longer to get to the next milepost.

Sometimes, it feels like it is taking forever, and other times, you blink and you've passed 59 mileposts.

If we do education right, the deadlines are critical markers of growth and they encourage us to keep moving forward.