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Thank you.

While some people in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving today, I would like to say "Thank you" to you, for reading this.

Like you, I wonder if I ever say anything meaningful at all.

Like you, I wonder if I am a good enough person/leader/spouse/parent/child.

Like you, I feel insecure many times.

Like you, I know that I really do matter.

Thank you.

The Power of Being Seen

Yesterday, a pipe burst in my school and flooded a whole wing.

In no time, the district "red shirts" were there to fix it and clean up. Shortly afterward, the "green shirts" (custodians) swooped in and helped clean up to.

I was notified at 7:48.

School started with flooded classrooms cleaned up on time at 9:30. Amazing response from our support staff.

We rerouted drop-off for parents and buses.

That was all good and wonderful.

But the thing that brought tears to my eyes was a sweet student and her mom swinging close to me in their car when I was directing traffic in the cold to give me a little blueberry muffin.

Everyone wants to be seen. Even adults.


For the past eighteen months, I have worked in a school that has a large number of military-connected families.

I've learned a lot about people who join the military, and like most other people, they are good people at heart.

Like every other demographic you can think of, they want their kids to grow up and be successful adults.

The idea of going to war just isn't in my DNA, but I am grateful that other people have been willing to do that.

I hope that by serving these families daily in my school I can show my gratitude for their service not just today, but throughout the entire year.