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What to measure...

If expectations without consequences is wishful thinking, then we get exactly what we ask when our expectations aren't followed.

You know what I hate? Tracking and following up on all the little things that everyone is supposed to be doing.

I hate that because I have a lot of other things that seem more important than hounding teachers for not doing their attendance every day.

Sometimes, however, I feel that my teachers need me to hold them accountable so they can hold the students accountable.

The question I still don't know the answer to is what needs to be measured to get actual results?

Do we all need the same standards?

I've been thinking a lot lately about standards. Do we all need the same standards?

Everyone needs to be able to read, because that is the gateway drug. Even with so much video accessible today, I still believe that everyone needs to be able to read.

Everyone needs some mathematical concepts, but how much?

Everyone needs to understand some parts of history, but there is so much more to it than just understanding dates and battles and people, but what exactly?

I'm going to make a bold claim (that isn't necessarily new) that our standards are too numerous. We need a lot fewer than we currently have. How much should they be stripped down? That's the real question.