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Principal Kafele's keynote at #akprincipals

I've heard of Principal Kafele before, and it was really amazing to hear him speak today. He spoke to a room full of principals and other leaders in Alaska. Very inspiring and moving words.

Principal Kafele

Critical leadership questions for inspiring school wide excellence

  • You're a principal and you better let someone know you're interested in that so they can put you there!
  • If they just gave me a chance I would light those kids on fire.
  • My claim to fame as a leader is the motto for this conference "Passionate Present Principal"
  • What does your signature look like, as it relates to your capacity to lead a school? What is that thing that you do that makes you great?
  • You can only dream about what you can perceive in your circle. Need to help kids expand their circles.
  • Speak life into the emotionally dead, so kids can see what they can become.
  • My attitude changed everything.
  • I am the number 1 determinant of the success or failure of my students.
  • Kids need to hear from their principal before they leave.
  • How often do we engage in self-reflection?
  • Three questions:
    • Who are you?
    • What are you about?
    • What is your most recent evidence?
  • To these boys, I want to be a man.
  • Motivate and empower students. Empower, can I now apply my motivation?
  • As it relates to your staff's perception:
    • Are you the school's instructional leader?
    • Are you the school's informational leader?
    • Are you the school's inspirational leader?
  • Called an assembly to tell students what he does as an instructional leader
  • Don't let kids end up doing jobs that have nothing to do with their potential!
  • Why do I lead and what drives my decision making?
    • We are building a school where we are excellent on purpose!
    • Do I lead with a definite purpose which drives everything I saw and do?
    • Do I aim to be intentional about what I do as a leader?
    • Do I treat my leadership not as a job, profession, or career, but as a mission?
    • Do we recite our mission? If you are in the building, I expect you to know the mission!
  • You have to take care of you as a leader!