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Change School First Day Feedback

I joined Change School.

It is on it's 7th cohort of changemakers.

It's run by Modern Learners, of the popular same-titled podcast. Which means that Will Richardson, Bruce Dixon, Melissa Emler, and Lyn Hylt are running the show.

Change School promises to help you master the modern leadership skills that lead to relevant, sustainable change for your students.

You see, if you've been reading my blog, or listening to my podcast, you know that I don't have traditional educational views.

It's been really hard for me to find community around my beliefs about education, which is why I started my podcast over five years ago. It's why I still continue it. It's why I have started hosting masterminds.

You see, sometimes, I feel like I am crazy when I talk about education with most people. It's refreshing to talk with others who can see things differently.

First day, I have two takeaways from Change School:

  1. It's course-like, but not a typical course. It's more like a community that has a course, too.
  2. It's not about solving the problem, it's about having the conversations so that you can solve the problem.

This is right up my alley. I really enjoyed the process today.

I was invited to join and offered to be an affiliate for the program. The link above is not an affiliate link.