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Reflections on Day 1 of #TeamHabits Training

Right now, I'm in Denver at a training for the Team Habits training by Ed Elements. The training is based on a book by Anthony Kim, Kawai Lai, and Keara Mascareñez.

So far, the training is really great, as are all the trainings by Ed Elements.

Here are my two big takeaways.

Visuals They shared a "visual alphabet" which is a square, circle, triangle, line (straight or squiggly), and a cloud. They taught us how to draw stick figures, and shared 3 "thinking visuals". I've always been a doodler, but not very artistic. These three simple suggestions have been powerful in note taking already.

You can see them below:


Why did they teach visuals and why is that my takeaway? Because communicating visually is really powerful. We remember things we see much better than things we hear or things we read. It can be really powerful in communicating ideas with your team.

Second Takeaway

Apparently, I look like Patton Oswalt. Who knew?