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Stop rescuing kids

I often hear parents make comments about their kids, “I don’t want my child to experience hard things” is typically the refrain that I see.

I often see parents and teachers attempt to rescue kids when they don’t show up prepared.

Parents often go far above and beyond to help their kids. I was meeting a close friend after not seeing her kids for quite some time. I started asking the high school age son how things were and what he was interested in.

Rather than bear the silence that comes with good thinking time, the well-meaning parent answered all the questions for her son.

I saw it in his eyes: “My mom is going to talk so I don’t have to say anything!” And he didn’t. He didn’t answer any more of my questions because his mom did it for him.

We have got to give our kids the time and space to be themselves. This mom, concerned about her child’s shy demeanor, let her overbearing personality take over for him. He didn’t stand a chance.