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Rethinking Coding Education

I downloaded an app called Grasshopper to learn some coding skills.

I know the best way to learn something is to have a project to code. This app makes a little project, and in an effort to make it accessible makes it totally inmemorable.

The project is to make a Gabonese Flag. That’s cool, but the setup is for me to just tap the functions that I will need to make the different colors.

I think for teaching kids to code, we need to expose them to coding a small project so they can have a quick win.

As with most things in education, I don’t think mass deployments of technology is going to be the answer.

To me, the answer is taking time with kids and someone who knows what they are doing to help coach a student to their success.

So, what does this look like?

A person who knows what they are doing asks kids what kinds of things they would like to build. Let’s say they want to make a game. The person who knows what they are doing sets the kids up for success by giving them parameters and ideas they can actually accomplish.

She challenges the kids’ ideas and gets them to go smaller and within a scope that they can see success.

She also points them to resources that will help them accomplish that task, and gives them a playground to make those ideas come to life, and be shared with someone else.

Once the kids have that small success, they can be energized about learning something that is challenging and complex.

Does something like this exist already?