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My Unmet Dream for 2018

I have had a great 2018 so far. Life is wonderful. But it's not perfect.

I had a couple goals this year that I really didn't do well on, and abandoned part way through the year.

One goal was a fitness goal. I want to be in much better shape than I am now, but I just couldn't make it happen this year.

Now I know why.

I just watched Michael Hyatt's Video: 3 Necessary Ingredients to make 2019 Your Best Year Ever.

It was really good. It showed me what I was lacking.

I thought that setting the goal was good enough. The ingredient that I was missing was a solid plan.

But, here's the thing, I knew I needed a plan, but I procrastinated making the plan. I didn't want to do it right away for some reason, I don't know why.

Then, I just kept putting it off.

I should have made the plan right away. I didn't. And so, eventually, it just got away from me and there was no way to get back on the horse.

There are two more ingredients in Michael's video. Go check those out and see what you need to do to make 2019 amazing.