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How my procrastination stalled my career

About six years ago I was offered an opportunity, and I passed, because I thought I could do it myself without any help. If I could go back and give myself some advice, I would say, "Do it! Your life will be so much better if you do!"

I love talking to other people and learning about what they are doing. I've known this for years. It is exciting to me to learn about how people do different things.

An idea was forming. I could start a podcast, and talk with amazing people all the time and get a ton of good information.

Transformative Principal is actually 5 years old. You see, I started thinking about it early.

I watched the videos and the webinars for 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever, and didn't really think that I needed any help. I said, "I can set goals all by myself, because I have before."

So, I set a goal to start a podcast, but as I mentioned, I didn't have a plan. It was just to start a podcast.

I debated and hemmed and hawed about what I should do. For almost a YEAR! I finally launched on December 1, 2013, five years ago, instead of six.

What ended up happening because of this procrastination?

I had many different people that I could have interviewed for my podcast go by, without that positive, growth-inducing connection.

I was too scared to ask people to be on the podcast, so I never took action. I didn't have a plan for what to do, so I never started.

In fact, the first person I asked, I was so nervous she would say no I didn't check my email for fear she would reject me.

Had I taken action and joined a goal-setting system, I would have started my podcast much earlier in 2013.

How did that stall my career?

I would be 9 months further into this journey than I am now. Does 9 months really make that much difference?

You bet it does!

There's an old proverb that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is today.

My growth over the last nine months has been incredible, and I can't wait to see where I will be in 9 more months!

Because I didn't have a plan or a system, I missed out on opportunities to be successful that I could have experienced.

Look, I'm not depressed or bummed out because I started later than I should have. It's not worth it to ruminate and get all bent out of shape about it.

Here's the takeaway: I thought I could do it myself, without support. I thought I could not afford the cost of the support.

Here's the reality: There are things we can do by ourselves, but we can do them so much easier and better with support.

Starting today, you can get 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever and have support in reaching your goals. I am really excited for where I am going to be in 9 months, and I wish I would have taken the help earlier.