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Time to start thinking about goals

Actually, I think about goals all the time.

I set goals, and I work hard to achieve them.

For me, setting and achieving goals is powerful.

But not all goals are created equal.

When I was about 21, I had a few goals that I wanted to accomplish in my 20s. By the time I was 30, I wanted to buy a home, make $75K a year, be a principal, pay off all my student loan debt, and be done having kids.

I achieved all of those (except student loans, which were a couple months after that and that included my wife's student loans, too).

It was incredible.

I have set many goals that were important to someone else, but not to me.

Goals aren't motivating when they are someone else's goals. We need to set our own goals for us to be motivated by them.

I'm really excited for Michael Hyatt's 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever event which is coming out in a couple weeks. This has been a really powerful tool for me the last four years, and I am excited to use it help me become even better.

In fact, I'm so excited I became an affiliate to help Michael sell them, and I would be pushing it just as hard if he weren't paying me a dime!