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The Day of the Most-Watched #TLS17 Teaser Video is here!

I hope your Saturday schedule is cleared! Get your yard work done and enjoy this awesome day of learning. Get the All Access Pass Here

I wanted to share some statistics with you from the Transformative Leadership Summit. There are over 1000 people signed up for the free version of Transformative Leadership Summit. Of the 20 videos that have been launched before today, there have been over 2500 views on Vimeo and a total of over 9 days watched all in a row.

That is pretty amazing.

Tomorrow I am going to share a link to a survey with you to measure the impact of the Transformative Leadership Summit, so please look for that and help me measure how many people are really being impacted by this amazing experience.

Let’s get into today’s videos:

We often hear how we should be aware of how the brain works in order to teach kids effectively, but I haven’t heard anybody explain it as well as Zaretta Hammond. She talks about how to overcome the negativity bias by understanding collectivism and how the brain works. She provided a bonus for those who get the all access pass, which is the dimensions of equity, a handy description of the difference between multicultural education, social justice education, and culturally responsive pedagogy. I think you’ll like it.

Jimmy Casas talks about one of my favorite things, hiring effectively. He does such a good job and eventually I will be as good as he is. One thing I do is approach every interview with compassion and support, no matter what.

Chris Horton will talk about how to create a culture of learning. You will love his insights.

Frederick Lane talks about solving social media problems. A good rule of thumb is to always have two adults in every conversation that happens online with a student.

Finally, the most-watched teaser video is finally here! Amy Fast will talk about professional development and teacher voice. One thing I really love about this interview is that she talks about how innovation should be grassroots and it is up to the administrators to allow that to grow. It’s awesome.