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Day 2 Of #TLS17 - Holy Moly

Today, the Transformative Leadership Summit is sponsored by GCI, a global communications company with headquarters in Anchorage, AK. They provide a lot of amazing resources and connectivity for schools, especially here in Alaska. If you’re interested in how they can help your school connect with the world around them, please go to for more information.

We have some fantastic sessions for you today where we will be diving deeper into the administrator experience which helps principals take what they learn and apply it!

Here's some feedback from yesterday:

"Powerful conversations about...talking failure with our students" - Martin

From Kimberly: "Holy Moly Anthony Muhammad's administrator's experience message on TLS--nailed it! Going to check out that book he recommended LEADING SCHOOLS IN A DATA RICH WORLD by Earl & Katz as well as going back and re-read chapter 7 in his book [Transforming School Culture]."

And one more from @fris_trex: ""Management builds a house, Leadership makes it a home" @ChrisWejr @jethrojones #LeadLAP #atplc #wgedd #trexcellent"

Such greaat conversations yesterday, followed up by great conversations today! If you haven't grabbed the All Access Pass, jump in there and get it so you can rewatch these powerful interviews.

Click here to watch today's sessions.

First up is Jeff Zoul, who will talk about relationships, and building a culture where diversity and dissent are valued and appreciated. He will also give some suggestions on how to curb bullying behavior by students, and you will be surprised by where he says that behavior starts!

Next we will hear from Jennifer Abrams. One of the bonuses she included for those who purchase the All Access Pass is a video about having hard conversations. And while she is one of Education’s experts on hard conversations, she knows how to have them appropriately and without modeling yelling and bullying.

Nicholas Fischer is going to talk about coaching teachers, training teachers to recognize behavior, and how to have hard conversations when others on your team are not able to have those hard conversations. He will talk about modeling for your teachers what you want them to do with your students.

Finally, Tom Hierck will talk about encouraging all the voices. In this video today, we will learn about how to get clarity around your WHY in your school. Here’s the truth, it takes time! So be prepared. But just because it takes time, doesn’t mean you can’t get started. All Access Pass Holders will get from Tom a study guide a nd excerpt from his book “Seven Keys to a Positive Learning Environment in Your Classroom” and a sample chapter from his book, “Starting a Movement” which he cowrote with Ken Williams.

On Thursday, I’ll be hosting another live webinar, and you will get to peek in on my Mastermind live and in person. You’ll see what we do and how we learn together. Register for that here

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