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Staff Newsletter for 04/24/2017

Hi Team,

Upcoming Calendar Events:
Board meeting tonight. Here is the Board Report for KMS. Tonight, we will also be recognizing our volunteer of the month, Ambee Hill, who has served in the office every week for the whole school year. If you’re available to come support her, that would be wonderful.

On Thursday, during lunch, there is a webinar in the collaboration space about trauma-informed strategies in schools. You’re invited to view it. I’ll share the link of the recording when I get it after the fact. The Trauma-informed School: A New Safety-Net Approach to Ending Serious Discipline Issues

Choir concert on Thursday Night.

aimsweb and MAP assessment windows start the first week in May.

PEAKS Makeup testing is happening this week. We will call down students who were absent.

Please talk with your teams if you have not yet about the summer math academy. Melissa and Katherine have worked hard to make that awesome, even doing math outside of work!

May 1 is the deadline to nominate teachers for Alaska Teacher of the Year.

The Last Stretch
We have just one month left of school tomorrow. There is still a lot of good that can be accomplished! I saw this video on Facebook and thought it was applicable. It ain’t over ’til it’s over!

Our success at Kodiak Middle School is because of our repeated behaviors. Our failures are also because of our repeated behaviors.

To Boost Higher-Order Thinking, Try Curation