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Staff Newsletter for 03/20/2017

Hi Team,

I hope you had a relaxing and restful spring break and enjoyed your time off work. I hope you actually took time off and got in some much needed rest and relaxation and rejuvenation.

As we discussed in our celebrations last Friday, we are going to have students choose tutorials today for a shortened tutorial cycle that will start on Wednesday. So, students will be in your homeroom classes to review expectations from this behavior matrix, dress and grooming standards and this behavior flowchart and this lunchtime flowchart.

Upcoming Calendar Events:

PEAKS window opens on March 28th.
We have a Friday Schedule this Thursday as we participate in games with our students during the last hour of the day. Please let Jen or Bryan know if you are interested in playing those games, and if you have any minute-to-win-it game ideas, please be sure to let them know about those as well.

This Friday will be department collaboration time! We will meet in the library for celebrations first, and then to our department meetings.

It may seem far away, but the end of the year will creep up before we can believe it!


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