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Staff Newsletter for 02/13/2017

Hi Team,

Upcoming Calendar items:

We have inservice this week. Sign up for your schedule here:

The NAEP for 8th graders is coming up next week.

This month’s Friday Night Live is coming up on February 24th. Please connect with Bryan to help out with this STEAM night.

The Apollo School: What 21st Century Learning Looks Like: If you are interested in making your classroom more modern, read this blog post (also a podcast, if you prefer to listen). It has some great ideas in it.

Practical Tips for Pre-Assessments This article talks about giving pre-assessments and dividing your kids into small groups.

The Rudolph Effect Essentially, we find kids deficits, and teach them what they’re missing. What if we taught them based on their strengths, and what they can do?

CoTeaching: how to Make it Work We have had a fair amount of training on coteaching. This is a small refresher. Take a minute to review it and see how you’re doing with it. Remember, paraprofessionals can be coteachers, too!

Creating a Championship Team - This podcast talks about creating an amazing team. There is really good information here.

Turn Key Thursday: A Homework Alternative by my friend Tony Sinanis, talks about a different, interesting way to do homework.

A little bit of self-promotion: I interviewed the author of The Gift of Failure on my podcast, and it was amazing!