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Podcasts to listen to on the way home from #NASSP16

It's time to head home from a great conference.

What to do on the plane? Sure, you could watch a movie, but here is a challenge. Listen to some of these great principals share what they have learned.

Listen to Todd Whitaker and Rick Wormeli talk about how to help your great teachers here:

Listen to William Parker talk about how to deal with difficult people, one of the most downloaded podcasts in the whole Transformative Principal catalog. Here:

Listen to this interview on the Better Leaders Better Schools podcast with Daniel Bauer about being nice and listening. Here:

Here, Baruti Kafele talks about how to reach every at-risk student:

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I was able to interview some other great presenters from the conference, and their podcasts will be released soon.

Also, let me know if you are interested in joining a mastermind