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#aste2016 Podcasts for the Trip Home

I had a great time this week at ASTE. I learned a lot and met some great people. I got lucky and was able to interview three of the four major presenters! You can subscribe to my podcast here:

The first interview was with Carl Hooker. He gave a leadership session on Saturday that was all day long.

The second was with the great Cory Doctorow. He gave a keynote about the challenges we face in this digital age.

The third I actually interviewed before he came to ASTE, and that was with Frederick Lane Episode 110 and Episode 111. He talks about Cybertraps for Educators and how to build health relationships.

Finally, Damon Hargraves and I presented on our schedule and app we created at the middle school. Here is the interview on my podcast and on Damon's

I hope as you travel home from ASTE, you can find some good information to deepen your learning from ASTE.