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Adult Discipline

Don’t solve problems with more rules. Take a quick look at many school’s code of conduct, and I’m sure you can look at some of the rules and think, “Someone did something to create that rule.” Instead, look at patterns of behaviors and situations, and ask how adults can change their behavior to create the conditions that would make it easier for students to meet expectations. A simple example – every year, we notice that students are starting to stretch the time in between classes. Rather than make draconian rules, we make it a point of being at the door, greeting students. And teachers who aren’t teaching that band make a point of being in the halls at the change of classes. And every year, we forget… and we see the problem again, and we tighten up our own behaviors.

There is so much power in simple rules. Our school rules are "Be Safe. Be Respectful. Be Responsible." If your doing something that is not one of those things, we have a discussion. Usually we ask, "Is that being safe? What would it look like to do that safely?" It is very effective.