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Some Brief, Tired Thoughts about #modelschools

The first thing that I have to say, is wow! The model schools conference is amazing! What is so awesome about it is that there are real teacher is doing real things in real schools with real students and they are sharing the amazing things that they are doing! It is just incredible.

There are so many amazing presentations here that it is just incredible. I learn a ton when I go to conferences, and this conference is jam packed with useful and applicable information all over the place. I was able to bring a team of teachers with me and they have said multiple times that they feel so lucky to be a part of this, and that they feel so fortunate to be learning so much. They have not asked to take any sessions off, they are just excited to be here learning! And I'm stoked about it!

One of the biggest key takeaways is focusing on culture and trust in your school, and that this is definitely something that I have learned from the transformative principal podcast interviews that I've done. Everybody says you need to focus on culture, everybody says you need to focus on building trust.

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