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You can't make anyone do anything

Tony Sinanis:

Why did I fail so miserably? It wasn't for a lack of trying or lack of work ethic; it wasn't for a lack of passion or lack of enthusiasm; in fact, in retrospect, I can honestly say that nothing really could have prepared me to be successful for that first job... except if I could get some insight from my future self. So, in an attempt to share some knowledge with the aspiring administrators I will be teaching in a few short weeks, and reflect on my own journey (reflective practice is a critical element to learning and growing), I humbly offer the following 3 tips on being a successful school leader... or as I like to call myself, a Lead Learner:

Tony has some great advice here. I'll add my thoughts:

As a leader, you can't make anyone do anything. Your job as a leader is to provide enough information to give them a reason to choose to do the thing you want them to. That is not only a hard lesson to learn, but a hard thing to do. The good news is, we can do hard things.