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Thoughts on Voxer

Kyle Hoopes:

I’ve had the opportunity to have live conversations with some amazing educators from all over the nation via Voxer. I am able to ask questions and in turn attempt to answer questions for the educators I am talking to all in real time or when I have a chance to listen to my voxes.

This is pretty much how I use Voxer. I am part of one group, and it is pretty overwhelming for me. I am pretty much always behind and can't ever seem to catch up.

Part of my problem with Voxer is that I never know when someone is talking to me directly in the group, which sometimes happens, albeit rarely.

The other issue is if the screen goes dark, it doesn't auto play the next Vox, which means I have to keep my phone out and on, or have to keep unlocking and pressing a tiny play button. Driving or walking to work in the rain are not conducive to that situation.

What I love about Voxer is actually hearing my friends' voices. When I went to visit Brad Gustafson and we heard each other's voices on the phone, it was very familiar and it is much better hearing someone than only reading what they type.