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Where I Kind of Get Annoyed with the Twitter

George Couros:

Isolation is now a choice educators make.  We have access to not only information, but each other. We need to tap into that.

Being on Twitter doesn’t make you a great teacher any more than not being on Twitter makes you ineffective.  There are a lot of great teachers who do some pretty amazing things that do not connect online.

Read George's whole article. I was going to clip a different part of the article because it made me frustrated. It is not about being on Twitter, or any other social media du jour, but rather about being an effective educator. I agree that isolation is a choice. But I also don't believe, and George correctly concludes, that not being on Twitter does not mean you're ineffective.

What we really need to focus on is the attitudes we have when we face our challenging and important work every day. Are you in it for you? Or for the kids? Are you willing to do something that isn't your favorite because it benefits the kids? Are you willing to take risks for the sake of the kids? Are you willing to go the extra mile for your kids? We need educators who answer yes to those questions. How do you make sure you're saying yes? How do you make sure you're doing what is best for kids? I don't think the answers matters as much as actually asking and answering the question.