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Growth Mindset is for Adults, too

Mike Kelly:

I see a lot of parallels to my experience and the experience of our students. Like me and my fixed mindset when it came to my carpentry skills, many students lack confidence and are unwilling to try or take risks. In order for them to be successful, they will need encouragement from someone who has confidence in them and teaches them a growth mindset, like my wife did for me. They will also need a lot of support, like I got from Pete. Some may not need all of Pete's videos, directions, materials and cut lists, but I did. I needed them to be successful, and in the end, I was. The objective was to make a bench, and make a bench, I did. Our students each need different levels of supports to be successful, but when we encourage them, have confidence in them, teach them a growth mindset, and support them, they can be!

It's always fun when the things we tell students actually happen in our own lives.