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60 Seconds to Change the World

Principal in Heels:

Really noticed her. Silver-blonde hair recently tended to at a hair salon. Wrinkles at the corner of her eyes and lips. Hands that looked bone thin. Her coat was a little too big; her pants a little too short. She asked for bags because she left hers at home. To hear the cashier, she had to lean in closer. She paid for her groceries with a gift card. When the cashier handed her card back to her, she was genuinely surprised at the remaining balance. Slowly and methodically, she placed the gift card back in her well-worn purse. She was offered help out by the courtesy clerk. She looked around at the long lines and in the hustle and bustle of the busy grocery store, she said no. She thanked both the cashier and the courtesy clerk. Slowly she placed her purse in the cart and began to push the cart towards the exit.

Sammie says she took 60 seconds to serve this lady. It's not about time, though. It's about being able to see what needs to be done, even when something better was offered. This is what makes Sammie amazing. She is willing to look at her surroundings and find a way to help others. That is power.