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Frank Schofield on Preparation to be a Superintendent

I have had several professional experiences that I believe will guide my work as superintendent, but the experience that will help me the most is that of sending my own children to school. As a parent, I know what it means to send your children to school, hoping and trusting that the experiences they have that day will strengthen them and support their personal growth.

Frank was recently appointed as Superintedent of Logan City School District. I've admired Frank for many years, and he will be a great leader of that school district.

When I interviewed Frank, I sensed that he had great potential, and that he was very confident in the good work he did. He will be the first to admit that he can't do it all on his own. What makes him such a great leader is that when you are around him, you want to be engaged in what he is engaged in because his excitement and passion is so amazing.