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#AKPrincipals Presentation on SLOs

I really love presenting to groups. It is very fun for me. I know it makes some people nervous, but it is just awesome for me. It fires me up and gets me excited.

I just finished a presentation to principals at Alaska Principal's conference in Anchorage, AK. Here are the downloads. Student Learning Objectives are a part of our Evaluations, and they have caused a significant amount of stress for some people. This presentation was all about sharing what we are doing at Kodiak Middle School to reduce the stress level.

In short, we are taking the team approach to the SLO and working together on it, so we are not left alone and aimless. It is pretty awesome.

Two things I should have done that I forgot to do:

  1. Ask for feedback from the participants (using a form).
  2. Record myself so I could use it as part of the podcast. (duh!)

Oh, well, two more presenations tomorrow!