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Finding the Elusive Balance

Tom Martellone:

After writing the blog piece, I did have a handful of people that wanted to know my thoughts about keeping that balance.  I’ve thought about it for some time now and this seems a most appropriate time to address it.  Since the start of November, my assistant principal and leadership partner has been out on leave, which has left me to oversee a school of 500 students and 120 staff members without him.  While I’ve kept up with everything, I have also been busier than I’ve been in a very long time. This period of time has given me the opportunity to identify some things I feel help a school administrator keep a sense of balance.

It is important to have balance in your life. I have had to work really hard at this as I have started this new job in Kodiak. For me, when I am home with my kids and wife, I have to be home with them. It is not fair to make them not be the focus when I am home. I need constant reminders. Thankfully, I have an amazing and supportive wife!