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Rewriting Our Brains

Katie Collins:

The plasticity of the human brain and how it adapts to repetitive gestures has been tested in multiple contexts previously, including in musicians and gamers, but neuroscientists from the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich believe smartphones provide a unique opportunity to understand how everyday life can shape the human brain on a huge scale.

My 7 year old daughter really wanted an iPad for Christmas. She didn't get one. One of the arguments against giving kids smart devices is the fear that their brains are going to be retired. Part of me thinks that is actually a good thing and that it will give her an edge. We are pushing devices heavily in schools and it may help her to be more proficient at that.

A couple weeks ago I observed a student's struggle to use a computer. This child has been home schooled for the last six years and didn't use a computer during that time. He was at a sore disadvantage because he didn't even know how to log on, let alone use any of the programs, and he certainly wasn't able to type! So, is it actually good for our kids to have their brains changed?

Via Joseph Childers