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Terry Crews on Being a Man

Terry Crews is pretty awesome. He is the super muscular guy in the old spice commercials.

He wrote a book called "Manhood" and describes some of the problems with what we consider to be manly (i.e., not talking about feelings, not admitting being scared, etc.).

He recently was interviewed by Elamin Abdelmahmoud, and it is getting a lot of attention. Many of the blogs that are sharing this story are talking about his stance on feminism, but that was just a small part of it.

One big thing I learned that is to not tell anyone else's story. I can't speak for any women, or any other man, I can just speak for me.

He admittedly can't tell anyone else's story, but he can share his. None of us can tell any story but our own. Wherever we are at, whatever we have experienced is ours, and ours alone. Nobody can tell our story either.

He also talks about how gender isn't about roles of men or women, but it is about our purpose. I can really get behind that idea. He is not same that we have to be the same, our roles can and will overlap throughout our lives, but our purpose exists to teach and serve. That is so powerful.

Watch this video and let me know what your thoughts are.