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Who is in Control? Email, or You?

6) This lands at #6 on the list, but maybe it’s the most important point. If you work in a school, don’t even have your work email on your phone. It will only distract you from what’s most important (real live people in your actual physical presence), and if it the message is really that important, people will call/find you.

The great Curt Rees gave some tips about email. I'm not sure if I could take email off my phone, because it is too convenient. But I have done what Jordan Collier suggests and turn the email notifications and badges off. It has made a huge difference. That way, I am not checking email all the time, and I am just using it when I need it. I really only check my work email on my computer, and then send off quick blasts or reminders when I need to.

Have you got any ideas for making email better?