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New Mac Mini

Described by Phil Schiller's as "the world's most efficient" desktop computer, the new Mac mini comes with two Thunderbolt 2 ports, new fourth generation Intel Core processors,  and 802.11ac WiFi. Packing an "entire Mac experience" in a small  7.7-inch-square frame, the new Mac mini will come pre-installed with OS X Yosemite and also offer four USB 3 ports.

I've been eyeing a new Mac Mini for quite some time now. I have had my current Mac Mini since 2009 and it is just about time to update it. I've installed a new hard drive in it a couple times, and it has been a great little computer. The only question now is, do I buy one of these new models, or buy a refurbished 2012 model?

For me, I have a FireWire Drobo connected to my Mac Mini and if I buy the new one, I will have to buy something to convert the FireWire to Thunderbolt.

By the way, the coverage of the new operating systems for iOS and Mac OS by Macstories has been incredible.