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PBIS as Medicine

Our district recently hosted Dr. Terry Scott from the University of Louisville who spoke to us about PBIS. I've heard him a couple times and his description of PBIS as if it were used like a medical treatment is superb. It makes a lot of sense. When it becomes a matter of life and death, it becomes a lot easier to see why we would do things. For many of our students who are disadvantaged from the get-go, it really can be a matter of life and death.

Since the first time I heard that analogy, I wanted to see what he was talking about. So, I made this Keynote presentation (and exported it to PowerPoint, too).

Keynote version

PowerPoint Version

Please feel free to use or modify this as you need to. The images are all Creative Commons licensed by attribution, non-commercial at the least, and are credited on the last slide.