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Leadership Vs. Management

Over on, George Couros says:

The thing is, you don’t have to tweet but you do have to keep up with your email, just like you have to keep up with paperwork.  Those are all details that have so much to do with management, and very little with leadership.

He is totally right. There is a lot that principals have to do to keep up with the "stuff" in their lives. There is a big difference between management and leadership. We need to streamline management so that we have time for leadership. We can automate and industrialize management, but good leadership takes time, thought, patience, and effort.

That is what my book is about. Make the management parts more efficient and you can have the time to focus on good leadership. It isn't about making an awesome paperless workflow for the sake of being paperless. It is about freeing up some precious time to do what is much more important.