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Paperless Workflow

In the book I help principals go through a process to determine what to do with documents on how to set up their own workflow. What you need to do with this flowchart is determine what you need to do with each piece paper and answer each question as you are going through. That will give you an idea of what you need to do each paper. The blue boxes are questions that you should ask yourself. And the green boxes are the solutions I provide in the book.

Obviously not every single piece of paper you get will follow this flowchart but the vast majority of papers you get should be fit into these questions. If you have a unique case or something that doesn't process, please shoot me an e-mail at Jethro at

This gives a pretty good overview of what you can expect to get from the book and gives you an idea of what the process you'll need to go through as you're creating your paperless workflow. Preorder the book here.


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